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Subject: Fund county trails

Although there are many worthy projects in the county, trail building provides a relatively cheap return on investment. Trails are accessed by many people, are relatively low cost to build and maintain, decrease health care costs, improve mental and physical fitness, help preserve Fauquier's green spaces, improve property values, and are rated highly desirable by younger people looking for communities to live in.


Men and women age 50–71 who took a brisk walk nearly every day had a 27% reduced death rate compared to non-exercisers. Adding 20 minutes of vigorous exercise, 3 days a week resulted in a 32% reduced death rate. Combining vigorous exercise and walking each week produced a 50% reduced mortality. [Arch Internal Medicine, 2007]

A 10 point increase in Walk Score increases commercial property values by 5%-8% [University of Arizona & Indiana University, 2010].

Trails also bring people out into the countryside to appreciate what Fauquier has to offer in natural beauty. A community that is linked via open spaces and trails is less dependent on parking lots and roads and is much more likely to invest and cooperate in maintaining that landscape. I urge you to support and fund building the trails on the Fauquier County Connections Plan, the goals of which are:

  • GOAL 1: Develop a county-wide walkway, bikeway and greenway network among residential neighborhoods, Towns, workplaces, shopping centers, historic districts, schools, libraries, recreation centers, parks, etc.
  • GOAL 2: Preserve and protect the environmental quality of Fauquier County’s rural, suburban and urban communities through the preservation of greenways and open space corridors.
  • GOAL 3: Provide opportunities for a great many county residents who desire to walk, bicycle, ride horses and paddle boats for recreation and health.
  • GOAL 4: Educate business and community leaders and the general public about the benefits of walking and bicycling, and provide safety messages for people who use the system.
  • Goal 5: Provide adequate funding to develop and maintain a seamless network of facilities.

Please make funding trails a priority.


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