August Parks and Rec Update






TO:                       Fauquier Trails Coalition

FROM:                  Larry W. Miller, Director

DATE:                   August 9, 2018

SYNOPSIS:           Monthly update on departmental trail efforts



Existing trail news


Warrenton Branch Greenway – the Department preparing to install the second exercise station for the Warrenton Branch Greenway.   The Department also has installed a bicycle repair unit (Dero Fixit) near the Rt. 29 overpass (midway between the 4th Street trailhead and the Stafford trailhead) for persons that need such equipment.


Design/Construction trail news


Woods at Warrenton – The lowest responsible bidder bid $800,000 for the lowest alternative which is about $350,000 higher than estimate and $250,000 higher than funding.  This was the third time this project has been bid and bids significantly exceeded funding.  County to submit request to PATH to fund this project.


Warrenton Branch Greenway extension – The Palmer section was rescinded since the Palmer piece has not been acquired during the grant period (10 years).  The gap section is now projected to cost about $1.1 million.  Board of Supervisors approved a grant application to fund the difference needed due to cost increases for the gap section project, but the grant was not approved.  Department authorized design contract based on this amount using Department funding and that planning is now underway with 60% drawings still in review.  This and Safe Routes to School construction management may absorb the entire Trails Fund funding for this year.  Does FTC want to review the plans?


Safe Routes to School – Work is underway and about 90% complete. Completion is anticipated by next week.




Pierce trail – One bid received in July.  Approx. 20% over budget, not counting construction administration, etc.   County to submit request to VDOT to fund this difference, will require County match of about $30,000.


Central Fauquier Sports Complex – Redesign of the road is underway and expected to be submitted this week with VDOT review expected to take about 2 weeks.  If approved then the project is ready to bid.


PB Smith/Whippoorwill connector trail – Project is now complete.  Staff has met with Whippoorwill HOA to include short section between existing trail along Rector Farm Road and PB Smith Elementary into overall trail system, install sharrows along streets to connect Smith and Whippoorwill trails to Jamison. Details are now being finalized with expectation of signed MOU next week which then has to go before the BOS for final approval.  Would FTC be interested in investigating design of the connection between the subdivisions?


Timber Fence trail – Town is revising plans for section in front of the Thorpe House at Fauquier High as requested by the School Board.





Planned trail news


Trails/playground/ballfield fund:

  • Tentative priority projects for FY19 trails that were approved by Parks and Recreation Board: The first priority is to use the funds for overruns, if needed, and project management for Woods at Warrenton, Pierce, and design of Warrenton Branch Greenway extension (see notes above).  Any remaining funds will be used for design of railroad crossing in Remington to connect trail at Riverton to downtown Remington, bollard replacement projects (Town to install pilot project at Madison St. this year), planning for Foxmeade trail and extension of LFCC trail.


Proposed developments:

  • Arringtonproject approved and includes 60 ft. wide easement through property but does not connect to outlet on Leeton Forest, also not building the path, does include connection through schools to Warrenton Branch Greenway. In response to a request by the Department Community Development has requested the developer to convey this corridor to the county.  If approved the exact corridor would need to be platted and then plans developed for use of the corridor until funding became available for conversion to a multimodal path.  If conveyed, is this a project that FTC would be interested in implementing as a natural surface trail first and then working toward design for shared use path?
  • Mintbrookappears that some of the trails have been installed but not yet paved.   
  • Brookside Department has accepted about 4 miles of trails through Brookside. Staff continues to work with Brookside on the 2 sections of trail that need work to comply with ADA, the HOA is targeting completion for the summer to turn these sections over to the County.
  • 17/66next phase in Marshall Service District includes trail along Whiting Road.  Potential connection that was removed during plan approval is being reconsidered by developer.
  • Warrenton Nissanplan submitted that includes reservation for trail behind dealerships to connect Raymond Farm with White’s Mill greenway. Recent reviews are requesting wider corridor to accommodate the amount of grading needed in that section, PBGAC to request that the developer perform the grading for the trail while they have equipment on site.
  • The Meadowsnext section of development that would extend Riverton trail through this subdivision. Site next to this property now slated for development and request made to include trail out to and along the frontage with Lucky Hill Road.
  • Remington Data Centercurrent proffer includes trail along frontage of property that would connect to the trails to come from The Meadows and will be close to connecting to the Dominion solar farm property.
  • Lord Fairfax Community College expansionrecent contact with the community College System indicates that the route for the trail is still included in their design.
  • Broad Run Estatestrail included in subdivision running NW to SE, adequate right-of-way reserved to allow future trail along Broad Run Church Road.
  • Blackwell Knollsdevelop to convey 20 ft. wide easement through property.


LFCC/Rt. 29 interchangeVDOT has approved a contract for construction of the intersection that includes the trail with at-grade crossings over each lane at the western round-about with the trail now ending on the western side of the road.  Staff indicates that VDOT has included the preferred routing.


Warrenton Chasesite visit on February 15 with County Engineer who indicated that it is feasible to grade the sloped section of trail to meet ADA standards.  Members of FTC walked the property in June and determined that with minor work and identification of a parking area it could be opened as a trail.


Vint Hill Conservancythe HOA has asked the Department to absorb its trails into the County system.  This was originally interpreted as just the residential section but it also includes the balance of the trails around the northern perimeter and connections to Brookside (see purple on map below) so total mileage will be about 4 miles.  Staff has developed a list of repairs and improvements needed before conveyance (ADA, bridge widths, and trail surface repairs mostly) but costs may be more expensive than the Conservancy can afford.  Conveyance to include 2 years maintenance costs. If Conservancy can make repairs this summer the trails could be made public this fall.  Supervisor for that area has expressed support if the trails are in good shape and some maintenance funding is contributed.


General trail news


ADA – department continues to work to make trails compliant with ADA; first phase implementation for Northern Fauquier Community Park is underway and about 80% complete and designer has begun accessible routes plan for Crockett Park.


Pedestrian, Bicycle, Greenway Advisory Committee – Elmer represents FTC on this advisory group to the Parks and Recreation Board.


Signage – Department has begun installation of cross street signs and trail signs at road crossings.  Also working on stop bars and stop signs at locations that currently do not have them.


General notes – Traffic garden/safety town initial phase underway, striping provided as donation by Paynes Traffic Lines and Signs.  Hope to finish by end of month.  Looking for donors to complete color markings and possible buildings.   Staff to develop PATH grant application to fund program for educating groups (Scouts, Schools, etc.) on pedestrian and bicycle safety.  Logo:.




Shared Use Path User Monthly Counts sample:

June 2018

Greenway Trail June      2018 count 2018 FYTD Total June     2017 count 2017        FYTD     Total
Warrenton Branch Greenway In Town Section 7,556 79,426 9,048 88,708
Cedar Run Greenway White's Mill Section 218 2,027 427 4,507
SE Warrenton Greenway LFCC Connector 317 3,624 361 4,266
Whippoorwill Greenway Whippoorwill Section 396 6,913 798 8,035
Whippoorwill Greenway Jamison Farm Section 1,408 11,474 1,792 11,416
Western Warrenton Greenway Rady Park Connector 2,789 30,736 3,333 31,291
Western Warrenton Greenway Silver Cup Connector 369 3,171 398 3,759
Vint Hill Farms Greenway Brookside Section 2,044 18,784 3,119 21,827
Lucky Hill Greenway Riverton Section 986 9,100 845 6,847
  TOTAL 16,083 165,255 20,121 180,656

July 2018

Greenway Trail July      2018 count 2018 FYTD Total July     2017 count 2017        FYTD     Total
Warrenton Branch Greenway In Town Section 7,147 86,573 7,676 96,384
Cedar Run Greenway White's Mill Section 252 2,279 464 4,971
SE Warrenton Greenway LFCC Connector 34 3,658 337 4,603
Whippoorwill Greenway Whippoorwill Section 670 7,583 684 8,719
Whippoorwill Greenway Jamison Farm Section 1,135 12,609 1,169 12,585
Western Warrenton Greenway Rady Park Connector 2,889 33,625 3,047 34,338
Western Warrenton Greenway Silver Cup Connector 308 3,479 329 4,088
Vint Hill Farms Greenway Brookside Section 2,803 21,587 2,481 24,308
Lucky Hill Greenway Riverton Section 773 9,873 318 7,165
  TOTAL 16,011 181,266 16,505 197,161


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