October Parks and Rec Update




FROM:                  Larry W. Miller, Director and Gary Kwolek, Trails Specialist

DATE:                   September 4, 2018

SYNOPSIS:           Update on Departmental efforts



Items of interest since last Committee meeting (items in italics from previous reports that have not changed since last meeting but still worth noting):


Greenways/trails updates: 

Warrenton Branch Greenway:

Madison St. Crossing – this summer the Town of Warrenton to install medians as per adopted standards as a pilot project, within the next 10 days if contractor work schedule allows.

Madison St. Rest Area – Pad has been installed, landscaping to be done next week, exercise station is scheduled to be installed this week.  Stretching station to be installed at trailhead when design completed.  Third unit has been ordered for installation this fall at Falmouth St. rest area.


Warrenton Branch Greenway:

Extension Latest cost estimates are over 1 million dollars so the project is short $400,000 and the Board of Supervisors are going to consider funding through year-end carryover since the Department’s grant application to make up this difference was not approved.  Design is underway and 60% drawings have been revised to reduce the amount of cut that was earlier proposed.


Budget:        $545,760 + $58,816

Balance:       $427,184

Woods at Warrenton – Planner’s estimate base was $369,237 plus $76,819 for rock dust and boardwalks in the wetland bank areas.  Low bid for these 2 was $420,337 for base and $380,668 for rock dust and boardwalks.  Budget is $539,884. Since this is third time the project has been scaled back and come in over estimate/budget a request has been submitted to PATH to fund the difference.


Budget:        $600,393

Balance:       $539,884

Pierce Elementary Trail One bid received, approx. $600,000 for boardwalk and about $380,000 for pavement.  With construction oversight and inspections, the shortage is about $170,000 which is to be requested of VDOT.  Supervisor Butler is also working with the residents of the Lee’s Glen subdivision to determine how best to repair and maintain the trail through that subdivision that connects to the Pierce trail.


Budget:        $341,500 (funding for permitting from separate budget)

Balance:       $341,500

Central Fauquier Sports Complex – Bidding is now expected to occur in late September with construction hopefully underway before winter.

Stafford Property – Fauquier Equestrian Forum has received site plan approval and is working on permits in order to commence construction.

Brookside – Department is still negotiating with developer on the 2 areas that appear to not conform to ADA, Departmental consultant to render opinion in September whether the sections conform or not.

Whippoorwill – A MOU agreement is currently being worked on with the Lake Whippoorwill HOA for maintenance at the Rt. 605 and Whippoorwill Dr. section.

Cedar Run Greenway (extension from White’s Mill) – Fauquier Trails Coalition, utilizing Bohler and Angler, continues to work with VDOT to obtain approval of conceptual design for trail through the box culverts under Rt. 29.  Current effort is to obtain approval from the radio station to utilize a portion of the property along the creek to access County property running along Warrenton Lakes subdivision, FTC requested Supervisor Granger write to the landowner requesting a meeting which has since been sent and to which the landowner has indicated that he has not changed his mind.

Timberfence – Town was been awarded a TA grant for phase 1 the plans for which are now being finalized.

Silver Cup – Central Region maintenance staff is installing a Kiosk at the corner of Timber Fence Pkwy. and Bear Wallow Rd.  Some aesthetic repairs will need to be made.


Plans reviewed that have trail potential (only active projects listed):

The Meadows – Developer has submitted plans for the next section of project that would extend Riverton trail.  Staff is recommending that if project is to be expanded then connection be included but if it is to terminate with data center absorbing balance of property that trail be extended to road frontage for continuation along front of data center property.

Data center in Remington – initial proposal includes trail along frontage of project site which would end about 1,700 ft. from the Dominion property

17/66 – Community Development has asked the developer to revisit the project plan that originally included a trail connection.  The developer has agreed and staff has provided information to assist with that reevaluation.  Also additional parcel submitted for review which includes a trail.  Also one parcel within 17/66 (both sides of Whiting Road), Holtzman, was submitted that would include a section of the connection running from Winchester Road to Rt. 55 at intersection of Schoolhouse #18 and Northern Fauquier Community Park.

Warrenton Nissan/Sheehy Ford – requested reservation of property along back boundary for connection from Raymond Farm to White’s Mill and subsequent request of adequate space to grade for future trail since the proposed reservation is only 10 ft. but the grades are significant.

Broad Run Estates – developer indicates that road right-of-way allows adequate space for future trail along Broad Run Church Road.

Arrington – Department has requested developer to convey proffered corridor that runs from northern end of property (just short of Springs Road) to Rt. 29 business/bypass intersection for potential use as pedestrian trail and initiate link with VDOT intersection project.

LFCC science facility – same consultant that is designing extension of Warrenton Branch Greenway is also designing new LFCC facility that is to include trail for future connectivity to intersection trail and LFCC trail.


Safe Routes to School:

Cedar Lee Middle School project Construction is complete with minor punchlist items being addressed.  Project included flashing school zone signs. Installation of flexible delineators has been done as a test case for standard development at locations where trails intersect with a roadway.  Discussions to occur regarding programmatic elements to encourage walking/bicycling to school.


Budget:        $626,994

Balance:       $23,161






CIP – Trails/playgrounds/ballfields fund

The list for FY19 projects includes: reserve fund for potential cost overruns at Pierce, Woods at Warrenton, and Warrenton Branch greenway extension.  If not used for those then priorities are Pierce connection, railroad crossing in Remington, fencing at Woods at Warrenton, and design of trail in Foxmeade.


Trail standards:

General trail design standards See notes about pilot installation of median at Madison St. this fall.  Future standards to include access point design to include design for markings for hazards and driveway crossingsCurrently staff also working on review of AASHTO Pedestrian Facilities Manual for compliance/variances, signage standards, ADA compliant pullout for kiosks, and guidance for private trail signage. 



ADA/accessibility – implementation of Phase I improvements at Northern Fauquier Community Park now complete and plan to address accessible route compliance at C.M. Crockett Park is about 75% complete.

Connection opportunities in various areas are being investigated as time permits – NFCP, Bealeton, Auburn, Jamison-Whippoorwill, Belvoir Assembly of God, Livestock Exchange, Silver Cup, Woods at Warrenton to Phase I and Phase II,  Eaheart to CFSC, bridge fencing over Academy Hill Extended,  Mint Brook, Foxmeade, Warrenton Chase, Pierce Extension Trail, etc.

Rt. 29 interchange – VDOT awarded contract which still includes the trail.  VDOT had indicated it would hold another stakeholder meeting with the public to discuss the design and upcoming construction.

Training/educational opportunities:

Upcoming webinars by American Trails:

  • Sustainable Trail Design and Layout, Construction, and Maintenance

Archived webinars available for viewing by American Trails include:

  • Communicating the Benefits of Trails
  • Webinar on US Access Board “Outdoor Developed Areas Final Rule”
  • Leveraging People and Places: Trails as Economic Development
  • Advocacy, Planning, and Creating Equestrian Trails Thorough Organization

Vint Hill Conservancy – Department marked areas that need to conform to ADA and/or meet Departmental specifications on the Conservancy’s 4 mile system but Conservancy.




Shared Use Path User Monthly Counts


July 2018

Greenway Trail July      2018 count 2018 FYTD Total July     2017 count 2017        FYTD     Total
Warrenton Branch Greenway In Town Section 7,147 86,573 7,676 96,384
Cedar Run Greenway White's Mill Section 252 2,279 464 4,971
SE Warrenton Greenway LFCC Connector 34 3,658 337 4,603
Whippoorwill Greenway Whippoorwill Section 670 7,583 684 8,719
Whippoorwill Greenway Jamison Farm Section 1,135 12,609 1,169 12,585
Western Warrenton Greenway Rady Park Connector 2,889 33,625 3,047 34,338
Western Warrenton Greenway Silver Cup Connector 308 3,479 329 4,088
Vint Hill Farms Greenway Brookside Section 2,803 21,587 2,481 24,308
Lucky Hill Greenway Riverton Section 773 9,873 318 7,165
  TOTAL 16,011 181,266 16,505 197,161


Connections Plan trail status (tracking chart developed, to be completed as service district maps updated) Gary is working to get this chart updated and finalized:


Service District Miles Originally Planned New Additions Miles Planned (not in original plan) Miles currently proffered Miles acquired (no further action) Miles in development Miles built and maintained by Dept. Miles completed and maintained by others Built: planned
Bealeton 20.4 0.31 2.3 1.55 0 0 1.7 8.3%
Calverton 7.93 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0%
Catlett 6.7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0%
Marshall 9.6 0.94 2.04 0.26 0 1.14 0 11.9%
Midland 6.4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0%
New Baltimore 42.1         3   7.1%
Opal 4.4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0%
Remington 9.58 0 0 0.17 0 0.49 0.8 13.5%
Warrenton 33.8     2.32  5.55 1.22 3.33 3.77 21.0%
Non-Service District 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0%
TOTAL 140.91 1.25 6.66 7.53 1.22 7.96 6.27 5.6%



-Highlighted service districts not yet revised

-“Acquired” includes school sites
-Just includes Connections Plan identified mileage, e.g. does not reflect  entire trail system at tin

-Only reflects trails open to public

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