The Great Pumpkin Ride

Thank you for joining us for the 2016 Great Pumpkin Ride!

The 2017 ride will take place October 28th.  Please watch this site for registration later this summer.

The Great Pumpkin Ride 2016 FAQs

Here are the links to the cue sheets (which include elevation profiles), and a map of all three route distances:

30-mile Cue Sheet

48-mile Cue Sheet

67-mile Cue Sheet *

MAP for all three rides

*The 68-mile ride is now 67 miles (for all you sticklers out there, it's actually 67.11 miles). We made a couple of minor safety adjustments to the course to avoid two-way rider traffic in a couple of spots on the route. The cue sheets posted here are correct.

KML files for your GPS (Zipped):




And GPX files (Zipped):




Check out this great video, generously filmed and produced by Scott and Tina Harlan, of Talk19Media:

Thank you VOLUNTEERS for the 2016 Great Pumpkin Ride!

We will need volunteers to help in five different areas for the 2017 Great Pumpkin Ride:

  1. Rest Stops - We need help setting-up, filling water/Gatorade dispensers, serving refreshments, directing riders, and cleaning-up.
  2. Delivery Drivers - requires a truck or van.  This involves driving supplies to our distribution center, loading supplies into vehicles, delivering and unloading supplies to the rest areas and the start.
  3. SAG Drivers -- requires an appropriate vehicle.  This involves picking-up and transporting any riders (and their bikes) with mechanical or other problems.
  4. Celebrate Trails! afterparty - We'll need help setting up tents, booths, tables, chairs, serving refreshments, and cleaning up.
  5. Ride Marshalls -- Riding behind the last riders on each ride to be sure everyone is off the course.

If you would like to help in any of these areas, please send an email to

The Great Pumpkin Ride Pumpkin

Thanks for your support!

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