The Great Pumpkin Ride

Registration is now closed for the GPR 2019 on Saturday, Oct 26th. 

The 2019 Great Pumpkin Ride will happen Saturday, October 26th.  Come out and enjoy one of the prettiest days of the fall foliage season in Virginia!  The ride is sponsored by the Fauquier Trails Coalition, a non-profit organization, and is a fundraiser to extend and connect existing trails in scenic Fauquier County.

(Check out this great video, filmed and produced by Scott and Tina Harlan The Great Pumpkin Ride Movie!!)

The 2019 Great Pumpkin Ride will be limited to 1,500 TOTAL riders.  Registration is online ONLY, there will be NO ride day registration.

Once we reach our 1,500 rider limit (or the registration deadline of October 13th, whichever comes first), registration will CLOSE and we will not add any more riders to the course.  Last year, we closed before the deadline, so please DO NOT WAIT to register.

The Great Pumpkin Ride has an option for everyone -- 32, 53 or 67 miles.  Our rest stops are fully stocked and include popular Great Pumpkin Ride treats such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin cake -- as well as traditional rest stop items.  Roving mechanical support and SAG wagons will be provided from 9:00am until 4:00pm.

Our routes this year were planned and designed by the good folks at The Bike Stop in Warrenton.

There will be 3 rest stops for this year's Great Pumpkin Ride:

Old Bust Head Brewing Company (10:00am - 4:00pm) -- 32, 53 and 67 mile routes

Mt. Horeb Church (10:00am - 2:30pm) -- 53 and 67 mile routes

Remington Baptist Church (9:00am - 12:00pm) -- 67 mile route only

Please note the opening and closing times for the rest stops.  We know it's fun to hang out (especially at Old Bust Head Brewing Company), but our hard-working volunteers need to clean up and go home before they turn into pumpkins!

The 2019 Great Pumpkin Ride t-shirts are long-sleeve technical shirts, and they were designed by Leading Edge!  Please size yourself accordingly when you register. (Here are size spec sheets for men sizes and women sizes in case you need some extra sizing guidance.  Links are for sizing info only.)

For mechanical help during the ride, the SAG number is 540-316-1901.

Can't ride this year?  Or maybe you're riding, but your spouse/significant other/BFF isn't?  We need plenty of VOLUNTEERS!!  Come out and enjoy the day, cheer on your family & friends, and VOLUNTEER at the Great Pumpkin Ride!

Click here to volunteer!

And keep watching your email for additional information and updates about this year's Great Pumpkin Ride.  Our Facebook pages will also be updated with the same information (or links to the same information).

 Here is the MAP for all three rides for 2019.

GPS files (zipped) 32 miles, 53 miles, 67 miles

Up to date FAQ, routes and Cue Sheets for 2019 can be accessed at:

The Great Pumpkin Ride 2019 FAQs

Here is a map of all three route distances:

MAP for all three rides

*The 68-mile ride is now 67 miles (for all you sticklers out there, it's actually 67.11 miles). We made a couple of minor safety adjustments to the course to avoid two-way rider traffic in a couple of spots on the route. The cue sheets posted here are correct.

Check out this great video, generously filmed and produced by Scott and Tina Harlan, of Talk19Media:

Thank you VOLUNTEERS for the 2018 Great Pumpkin Ride!

We will need volunteers to help in five different areas for the 2019 Great Pumpkin Ride:

  1. Rest Stops - We need help setting-up, filling water/Gatorade dispensers, serving refreshments, directing riders, and cleaning-up.
  2. Delivery Drivers - requires a truck or van.  This involves driving supplies to our distribution center, loading supplies into vehicles, delivering and unloading supplies to the rest areas and the start.
  3. SAG Drivers -- requires an appropriate vehicle.  This involves picking-up and transporting any riders (and their bikes) with mechanical or other problems.
  4. Celebrate Trails! afterparty - We'll need help setting up tents, booths, tables, chairs, serving refreshments, and cleaning up.
  5. Ride Marshalls -- Riding behind the last riders on each ride to be sure everyone is off the course.

If you would like to help in any of these areas, please click here.

Great Pumpkin Ride FAQ

The Great Pumpkin Ride Pumpkin

Thanks for your support!

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